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1.7 Release Delayed by Google

Google has sent me an enormously useful email (sic) simply stating that TrelloX has more access than it needs to perform its job. They seem sure enough of this information to interrupt everyone's use of TrelloX, but are unable to tell me anything useful about which permissions are excessive.

TrelloX is has access to literally only *:// Not only that it's open source for everyone to see.

In any case I've managed to restrict TrelloX's access even further, removed an unused module, and re-uploaded. It says "pending review" again, so its out of my hands.

There are thousands of nefarious apps on the Chrome Web Store which want access to your entire phone history, contacts, location, and image library just so you can play a game, so clearing out that junk (that Google's allowed on there for 9 years) is important...

However well done Google once again for providing insufficient information, awful customer service, and singling out the wrong people. This is NOT how to run a company, but Google has no real competitors and is its own authority, so who cares?

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