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Version 1.8.0 uploaded - Still looking for help

Hi everyone, first of all I'm so sorry for the slow development lately! We've been working very hard on my main project (I work on TrelloX as I can in my spare time). To be honest I was kind of hoping someone would join in development since I open-sourced TrelloX but oh well.

This update is an important one, because it removes TrelloX's dependency on the old mutation-summary library. The internal architecture of TrelloX has changed substantially to accommodate this. The reason for doing this was to make it much more performant. After all, my goal is TrelloX has as little battery and CPU hit as possible.

Next on my list is to tidy up the code, make it easier to extend, and make it more robust.

For those who have contacted me, I have also heard your feedback and am keeping it in mind, I will get to it when I can! Or if someone joins in to help me we will coordinate 😊

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