Future of TrelloX

I'm just adding a quick note to say the next versions of TrelloX will be focused on:

  1. Increasing performance on really large Boards – ideally to the point there is no performance hit at all – and refactoring some code to make TrelloX simpler to maintain; and then...

  2. Adding user-requested features (specifically, more configurability, and some more useful features)

I have my own list of features I'd like to add (you can see these here: like:

  • Undo for moving or archiving Cards

  • Folding lists of sub-Cards

  • A button to delete all completed Checklist items

  • Expand all Lists button

  • Clickable URLs and phone numbers in Card titles

I have no idea when i'm going to get to them because all of my time goes towards my startup ( and my family. However I know there's a lot of devs out there who use TrelloX! Help! 😜 ... Contact me if you wanna help 😊.


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