Update TrelloX - version 1.1 available

This is the first of many updates to TrelloX - version 1.1. In this update I've added the ability to optionally hide Subtasks.

What are Subtasks?

Subtasks are Cards where the card title starts with a '+' symbol. Doing this nests a Card (or Cards) neatly under another Card, like this:

Why Subtasks?

Often we have tasks that can only be completed after some other task. For example, in order to make coffee, I might first have to buy coffee. In this case I could add two cards:

Buy coffee

+Make coffee

In conventional Trello, these sorts of Cards just look like regular cards, which adds to the visual clutter your reticular activating system (RAS) has to scan, which can add to unconscious stress.

With the new Subtasks feature, these cards take on the background color of the Lists, enabling your RAS to skip over them, and allowing you to focus your attention on just the Cards which can actually be actioned right now.

Hiding Subtasks

To take this one step further, since all Subtasks are not immediately actionable, TrelloX now allows you to quickly hide all Subtasks with the "+ Subtasks On/Off" toggle:

This is especially useful if you sometimes have a lot of Subtask Cards on a busy board, as it lets you vertically fit more of your actionable Cards.

Note: In GTD, Subtasks are known as Next Actions.

I hope you like TrelloX and I look forward to adding more useful features, without losing the feeling that makes Trello amazing.


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