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Progress, and feedback

I've received several emails with some brilliant ideas, and some nice thank-yous, for TrelloX. Thank you for your feedback, I reply to all messages personally when I can, and I thought this was a good time to give a general update for TrelloX.

Progress update

Progress after version 1.1 has been paused for a bit, while we focus on a new project, Licorice will be a piece of software for the IT industry that completely does away with tickets. This involves launching a new company, which I'm pleased to report is now up and running, with an incredible world-class team of about 16 people. Licorice will be released mid-2019 so watch that space.

In the meantime I have a little bit of spare time again, so I've come back to TrelloX.

My long-term goal is to put a developer on TrelloX to implement some of the more sophisticated features I'd like to do. One example is - I want TrelloX to add an Undo function to Trello... So, for example, you could undo moving or archiving a card. Sometimes I archive a card that I need back, or accidentally drag something somewhere. I think a quick CTRL + Z would just be a natural extension of Trello's features.

I have a lot of features like this that I think TrelloX could integrate so seamlessly into Trello, that you forget you're actually using an extension - which is really my goal of TrelloX, to make it feel 100% like a logical extension to Trello. However as I say; "a programmer, I'm an excellent hacker". I'm very good at solving complex problems, often quite elegantly, but I'm not a natural programmer, so long-term I'm looking for a JavaScript developer to help me. Is that maybe you? If so, please, let me know.

In any case, for the next few updates I will be focusing mainly on bug fixes, and robustness.


I want to thank everyone so much for your amazing ideas and kind words. Ultimately I love making things that are useful, so if TrelloX is useful for you, that's the best feedback I can get 😊.

So far I'd put the feedback I've received into two categories:

1. Feature requests, and different ways to do things

2. Conflicts with other Trello extensions

For (1), I can tell you a lot of the feedback I've received has been kind of left-field for me. That is, I hadn't thought of those features at all, so I'm letting the ideas sit for a while until I work out how to implement them (if I do) in a way that feels completely natural. I've had a few ideas about this and added them to the backlog for version 2 of TrelloX.

For (2), I will start looking at conflicts as soon as I can, and hopefully the biggest conflicts can be resolved. I don't know how this will go yet because TrelloX seems to work quite differently from a lot of extensions, so we'll see, but I'll do my best.

I won't implement every feature. Again my goal with TrelloX is that it feels like a natural extension to plain Trello, so I think some features just don't fit, and belong in separate extensions.

Please continue to send feedback and let me know what works well (and what doesn't) for you - I'm listening 😊.

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