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Trello with focus.

Trello is amazing, but full Boards are overwhelming...

TrelloX solves this problem, giving you clarity and focus.

TrelloX is now open source—want to contribute?



Visually tag people in card titles using @mention.


Make time labels with !09:30 (or use these for something else!)


Tightly integrated, just feels like native Trello.

Header cards

Break lists into phases or milestones.


Visually show cards as subtasks (or Next Actions in GTD).

Hide lists

Show just what you're working on... Hide everything else.


Visually categorise cards using #tags.

Battery friendly

Almost no extra CPU/battery usage.

Separator cards

Visually split lists into logical groups.

Hide subtasks (new in 1.1)

Reduce visual clutter by hiding all subtask/Next Action cards.

Clearer labels

New labels reduce clutter improving scanability.


Use line-breaks for more flexible card titles.

Mobile friendly

Gracefully degrades on mobile Trello.

Card numbers

Tell teammates what #number card you're referring to.


For all uses, see How to Use


TrelloX follows four principles:

  1. Seamless
    TrelloX should feel like native Trello—lightweight, elegant, no CPU, no battery drain.

  2. Focused
    It should reduce visual clutter, using good design, to reveal what's really important.

  3. Flexible
    Like Trello, it shouldn't dictate how you use it. New features should improve workflow, not increase complexity.

  4. Compatible
    TrelloX should be readable on mobile Trello, and it should be easy to use TrelloX commands on mobile.

Get started

TrelloX is open source, safe, and freeee :)

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